Only the best materials!

It just so happens to be the safest too!

All of our replacement glass is fitted to an O.E.M Standard. This means that the replacement windscreen will be fitted to the exact same guidelines and safety standards, as the day it was rolled out of the factory.

These High Penetration Resistant windscreens (HPR) are designed to withstand impact while preserving the structural integrity of the vehicle, which may help to reduce crash injuries and fatalities.

Premier Windscreens exclusively uses adhesives that meet or exceed the manufacturers’ safety and structural integrity requirements.

In addition, we requires that all urethanes selected for use as our best glass practice material provide maximum retention at drive-away.

While Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) require no less than 50% of the windscreen perimeter remains intact in the event of a crash, 100% of the windscreen perimeter remained intact during crash tests using the very same adhesives that Premier Windscreens use.

We want to be absolutely certain that our customer is safe when we release the car.

Our Guarantee
From our installation specialists to our customer service representatives, everyone at Premier Windscreens is committed to your 100% satisfaction.

We dedicate our vast knowledge and experience to making sure your windscreen, once installed, will provide you with the protection and performance you deserve.

Warranty information

Windscreen Replacement Warranty

We warrant the installation of your windscreen or rear window for one year from installation date. This means that your new windscreen or rear window will be properly installed and sealed by an experienced technician. It will should not leak unless it is broken or the car rusts around it, in which case there is no coverage under the warranty. Should you ever have a problem with leakage of your windscreen or rear window, or are dissatisfied for any reason, just contact any Premier Windscreens location and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to determine if the work is covered by warranty.

If our original work needs adjustment, we will do it at no cost to you. At Premier Windscreens, we think we are the best in the business, and we are ready to stand behind our work and to stand behind you, our customer.

This warranty covers only the replacement mentioned above, and does not cover any incidental or consequential damages. There are no warranties that extend beyond those expressed.

See our terms and conditions of sale for more information.

Windscreen Repair Warranty

The windscreen repair process is designed to prevent the spread of damage from the initial point of impact. Premier Windscreens guarantees the visual appearance of every windscreen repair and is committed to your 100% satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the result of the repair process, contact Premier Windscreens within 48 hours and we will credit the cost of the windscreen repair toward a windscreen replacement.

The credit will be issued to the party that was responsible for the initial payment. In the event your excess was waived for the windscreen repair, you will be required to pay any applicable excess for a windscreen replacement.

See our terms and conditions of sale for more information.

Frequently asked questions




At Premier Windscreen we divide your windscreen into zones to ensure repairs are carried out safely:

  • Zone A: Any damage smaller than 10mm can be repaired
  • Zone B: Any damage smaller than 15mm can be repaired
  • Zone C: Any damage smaller than 25mm can be repaired
  • Zone D: Any damage smaller than 40mm can be repaired

*Please note Premier Windscreens can’t guarantee that our repairs will pass the MOT – the final decision lies with the inspector testing your vehicle.

Yes! providing the damage is smaller than 10mm.
Usually, yes. Most vehicles are fitted with laminated safety glass that doesn’t shatter like old windscreens used to. This allows you to drive safely to your onward destination or one of our specialist centres.
It’s impossible to keep a stock for every vehicle because there are far too many variations. If we don’t stock the glass that you require then it will be sourced for same day or next day delivery to the branch.

If we can’t get the glass, no-one can!

Yes. We will hoover up all the broken glass that’s inside the vehicle and inside the door.
Most windscreens are bonded to the body of the vehicle – this performs an important role in the safety and the structural integrity of your vehicle. Once the windscreen is fitted, it can take up to 90 minutes for the bonding to set, then your vehicle will be safe to drive. Our technician will advise your safe drive-away time.
This depends on the depth of the scratches. We can lighten up wiper scratches but they will never completely dissapear.